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Scientific Method

Mind Field Solutions develops evidence based solutions so you can control your market with precision. Disappointing results from healthcare programs are common, but this doesn't have to be the norm. Mathematical modeling of your customers’ response pattern provides a fundamental insight into how, why, who and when to message to your customers. Achieve your forecast through evidence based management of your customers.

Predictive Models

As competition increases and the environment gets tighter with regulatory controls and cost containment, scientifically directed healthcare programs is a necessary requirement for continued investment in pharmaceutical marketing and double-digit growth.

There is a rational argument underpinning every consumer choice from initiation, switching and abandonment of therapy. Consumers process many facets of information in their healthcare decisions. Unveiling the hidden truth of consumers isn't an art – it's a science. Mind Field Solutions can create a model of your customers' thinking (physician, patient, payer) that stands the test of significance (p<.05).



“Dr LaFountain has amazing clarity of vision and ability to create a plan around that vision.”

— Dr Ginny Daughety, Partner,
Acumen Research and Consulting
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