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Are you struggling to move-the-needle with your marketing campaigns?

The field of cognitive science offers a vast array of theoretical solutions providing a wealth of opportunity to elevate the pharmaceutical industry to the next level of evidence-based healthcare. With appropriate application to your market, you and your creative agency can engage your customers (consumers, physicians, payers) in truly motivational ways – ways that really move-the-needle.

Specialist topic areas where Mind Field Solutions will elevate
your interventions to the next level include:

PhD Psychologists unravel the determinants of behavior
Testable theories guide the discovery process
State-of-the art predictive techniques mathematically map behavior
Guidance on applying a scientific framework in program design
Scripting to support customer messaging
Expert participation in advisory boards
Peer-review writing to support publication strategy
If you can’t measure it, you can’t change it!
Are you achieving double-digit ROI? Where? Why?
How can you refine your program or targeting strategy for greater success?



“A scientific understanding of the patient’s approach to adherence is long overdue. Dr LaFountain’s work will go a long way in improving patient support.”

— Dr Ann Partridge, Dana-Farber
Cancer Inst., Harvard Medical School

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