Psychology for Pharma


Applying Cognitive Psychology

Mind Field Solutions uses cognitive theory to answer your tough marketing questions so you can create an impactful and sustainable campaign.

Your Questions + Our Solutions = Evidence-Based Marketing

Business Problem
How can I move the needle on
customer behavior?
How can I grow my brand?
How do I influence customer
choice more powerfully?
How do I operate within
budget constraints?
How do I choose the right program
to support my customer?
How can I improve the ROI on
my programs?
Mind Field Solution
Cognitive Architecture™ approach
to identify behavioral solution
Mind Field Diagnostics™ to identify
high cost/risk patients
Cognitive Architecture™ approach to uncover decision-making process
Cognitive Architecture™ screener
for identification of responders
Critical evaluation and scientific
refinement of program elements
Targeted segment; Tailored
program components
Radical and sustainable
behavior change
Strategic plan around identified
actionable operators
Relevant customer experience
Resource allocation in
profiled responders
Strong underpinnings lead to
effective behavioral impact
Small group (low cost); large
change (big return)



“Dr LaFountain has amazing clarity of vision and ability to create a plan around that vision.”

— Dr Ginny Daughety, Partner,
Acumen Research and Consulting
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