Purpose Driven Interactions


Cognitive Architecture™

What is the Mechanism of Action (MOA) of your adherence program?

Your customers' decision-making process can be scientifically proven . . .

. . . mathematically weighted. . .
. . . empirically tested . . .
. . . and effectively impacted

Cognitive Architecture Model

When you know the real drivers of your customer base, you can motivate radical behavior change

Applications include:

Adherence Driver Evaluation
Pharmaco-Economic Decision-Making Models
Corporate Reputation Modeling
Any deep rooted behavior that’s tough to change!


The time for evidence-based marketing is now

Validated psychometric scales are used to assess your consumer base

Scientific models of behavior are used to resolve your customers disengagement once and for all
A successful model (p<.05) of your market gives you the essential framework for communication, motivation and, most importantly, behavior modification to yield 14:1 ROI



“A scientific understanding of the patient’s approach to adherence is long overdue. Dr LaFountain’s work will go a long way in improving patient support.”

— Dr Ann Partridge, Dana-Farber
Cancer Inst., Harvard Medical School

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