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Andrea LaFountainDr LaFountain is a Cognitive Psychologist with 16 years healthcare experience, 8 years within pharmaceutical industry.  She developed the industry’s only patented model predictive of adherence and her research has been described as “measuring the immeasurable”1. The success of the model is due to an innovative technique that applies cognitive psychology to determining the core drivers of customer behavior — an essential approach if real behavior modification is the strategic focus.

She has published some of her adherence work with Dr Partridge, Harvard Medical School, in the top-tier Journal of Clinical Oncology (Feb., 2008)2 where the Editors described the research as “expected to have a substantial and immediate impact on clinical practice”!

Dr LaFountain has developed three US patents and one global patent for innovation in pharmaceutical marketing and analytics.

Her business model is the application of Mind Field Diagnostics™ and Cognitive Architecture™ to significantly impact customer motivation.  She focuses exclusively on the industry’s major growth barriers (adherence, reputation, differentiation) that require root cause analysis for identifying and creating significant business opportunity.  As an industry expert, she leads the path for change and is currently leading several initiatives including standardizing adherence measurement across the industry and the adoption of evidenced-based marketing.

She is the founder and CEO of Mind Field Solutions Corp., a Philadelphia based consulting firm that specializes in the application of Cognitive Science to pharmaceutical marketing.

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1 Dr Paul Burgess. Imperial College, London, UK

2 Partridge A, LaFountain A et al. Adherence to initial adjuvant anastrazole therapy among women with early stage breast cancer. J Clin Oncol (2008) 26.



“Dr LaFountain has amazing clarity of vision and ability to create a plan around that vision.”

— Dr Ginny Daughety, Partner,
Acumen Research and Consulting
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