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Cognitive Architecture

Creating Impactful Programs Requires
a Relevant Scientific Framework...

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Consulting Services

Understanding Customer Behavior can be Complex and requires analysis...

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Training Programs

Staying abreast of cutting-edge thinking and techniques is challenging...

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Applying Cognitive Psychology for Advanced Healthcare and Patient Support

Are you getting double-digit ROI from your marketing programs?
What’s the MOA of your adherence initiative?
What proportion of your market profile are responders to your specific marketing program?
Don't leave the science at the bench. Mind Field Solutions gives you the tools you need to pursue an end-to-end evidence-based approach in bringing your brand to its full marketable potential.

“Being able to measure key attributes that have a theoretical basis, test for them empirically
and build a mathematical model to explain behavior is truly a scientific approach and a
major shift towards evidence-based marketing. I have no doubt that this cutting-edge approach
will be a mainstay in pharmaceutical marketing programs going forward.”

— Don Apruzzese, former Senior Director of Consumer Marketing, AstraZeneca